About Mark Masselli and the CHC

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The mission of Community Health Center (CHC) is to build and maintain a primary health care system that is dedicated to special patient populations and focuses on better patient outcomes and healthier communities.

Since its inception in 1972, Community Health Center has led health care in Connecticut by delivering the most comprehensive in primary care medicine, behavior health and dental services.

While anyone may use CHC, the organization has been especially committed to and focused on the under- and uninsured population and also on individuals with HIV/AIDS. CHC is independent, not for profit and statewide.

In 2013, Mark Masselli and the Community Health Center provided its services to people living in practically every town and city in the state of Connecticut. It has 130,000 patients and is committed to keeping each one, and his or her community, as healthy as possible. CHC teaches illness prevention, healthy lifestyles and habits, treats active disease and manages chronic conditions, too. Frequently, many of these initiatives happen in one visit.

CHC does go beyond what most people think of as traditional health care, utilizing state of the art technology and the newest in service delivery.

From the very beginning, Community Health Center has aimed to change the way people get their health care. We started out by making sure every one in need could get health care, whether or not they could pay for it. CHC continues that philosophy but also has made sure that the health care received is the very best in quality and actually meets whatever needs the individual and/or community has.

As people and communities in Connecticut have changed, so has Mark Masselli and the Community Health Center. The health care system has changed, too, and CHC has been diligent to keep its focus on the what, whens and hows of health care in the U.S. CHC always keeps pace with the evolving needs of an evolving community.


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